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The new generation of IT support

Get freed from watching your IT by people and get your business completely under control. Let the machines do the work.

Qeedio Process Guard is watching your critical business processes 24/7. It identifies possible threats in advance, and thanks to an integrated knowledge-base, proactively proposes proven solutions.

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System Overview

Compare digital processes in context of infrastructure

With System Overview, your IT will always know wether the error correlates with infrastructure usage.

Tablet screen with System Overview where you can see processes next to infrastructure monitoring data

Run duration estimate

Always a step ahead

Does your company depend on a process that has to finish every time sharp on time? Not always everything goes smoothly. But still, you can keep things under control. Qeedio warns you in sufficient advance to get prepared for further action.

Graph demonstrating proper delay notifications

Qeedio Knowledge Base

Fix things just once

Thanks to Qeedio’s Knowledge Base, you or your IT specialists will never search for the solution to a recurrent issue twice. They get all available data to solve it in one place and well structured. Qeedio thus eases their job and saves their time.
Once anything happens and someone finds a solution the specialist fills it in the Knowledge Base. Anytime in the future, when a similar problem occurs, Qeedio directly offers the solution.

Tablet screen with Error Run Overview
Overview of the process run that ended up with an error: showcasing filled in error template, and solution.

Easy to use anywhere

You can manage Qeedio through a secured and easy to use web interface. It is available on any device so that you can use it even on your mobile phone.

Image illustrating our service running on computer and smartphone


Gain the maximal benefit from Qeedio with its smart tool

Intellisense - our smart settings tool - will help you with the initial set up and with overall maintenance so that it brings you the highest possible value.

Did somebody forget to fill in contact information?
An example of Intellisense Team note
An example of Intellisense Duplicity note
Is an error registered multiple times in the Knowledge Base?
An error doesn’t have a solution for a solved error in the Knowledge Base?
An example of Intellisense Missing solution note
An example of Intellisense Multiple assignment note
Or someone has simply overlooked a minor detail?
Go ahead and try it with Qeedio and get everything finally under control.

Qeedio Notifier

Structured notifications that do not spam

Qeedio Notifier sends a well-structured message when the process unexpectedly changes its status. Responsible person receives not just complete information about the issue but also solution instructions. Thanks to Qeedio notifications, you will speed up your IT support, reduce costs, and maintain the highest SLA at the same time.

Phones showcasing common notifications vs our solution

Notification on your device

Notifications are available through your e-mail and a wide range of communication apps. You will always have them where it suits you the best.

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Qeedio Analyzer

Recap your data clearly and in context

Qeedio Analyzer helps you to understand processes and their operation over time. You can view data in any analytical tool (e.g. PowerBI, Qlik, Excel, etc.). Take a look at your data to find out which processes have the longest runs or a poor success rate (the most unsafe ones), and needs your attention. Get your processes under control.

Tablet screens with PowerBI reports

Analyse in your favourite tool

You may access data themselves through the universal REST API dataset so that you can use them with any analytical tool you like to work with (PowerBI, Qlik, Excel, etc.).

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Our happy clients

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After deploying Qeedio, the number of reports that IT has to pay attention to has dropped by 99% to less than 10 per day. They are able to respond to those 10 reports much faster thanks to Qeedio Knowledge Base.

Daniel Rejchrt
| Palmknihy s.r.o.
IT specialist - programmer manager
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Qeedio enables us to provide predictive monitoring and rapid response to resolve malfunctions that occur in the large software infrastructure and are not detectable by traditional infrastructure monitors.

Tomáš Trefný
| Albatros Media, a.s.
IT Director
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With Qeedio, we can not only automatically monitor all the processes, but also quickly and efficiently resolve incidents and, in addition, prevent many errors and malfunctions in advance.

Robert Fischer
| Bohemia Energy
Campaigns Execution Manager
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After deploying Qeedio, we quickly saw it was move in the right direction as we were immediately able to offer predictive support with a high SLA.

Karel Hnízdil
| SOFTIM.CZ spol. s r.o.

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How does Qeedio work?

SmartBI Process Guard is a cloud service built on the Microsoft Azure platform. It consists of three main parts: a constantly improved knowledge base (database of solved errors, malfunctions, and threats), an automatic notifier, and a smart process analyser.

SmartBI Process Guard integrates process monitoring which comes from information systems, and IT infrastructure monitoring apps - usually provided by large systems like Nagios, Zabbix, etc., and it puts acquired data together into context.

Scheme showcasing how Qeedio works.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the primary user of the service?


Qeedio Process Guard is primarily for:

  • providers of IT services and information systems
  • company IT teams running information systems with implemented critical processes
  • company IT teams running and managing critical automated or semi-automated processes
  • company IT teams running information systems in combination with IT infrastructure monitoring (e.g. Nagios, Centreon, Check_MK, Zabbix, ATOM, etc.)

Is the installation required?


Qeedio is a cloud service, so installation is not required. The only component installed in the customer environment is a Dataloader: a Windows service that reads technical and operational data about defined business processes, and that transmits and stores them through a highly secured channel to the Qeedio data warehouse. Deploying and connecting Dataloader to monitored systems is very simple, but we will be happy to assist you if necessary.

We are afraid of the cloud solustions. Is your system safe for our data?


There is no need to worry. Data transmission between Qeedio Dataloader and data warehouse is highly secured. We use all available Microsoft Azure security tools for maximum security. Moreover, Dataloader does not have access to your sensitive business data. Qeedio only uses technical data regarding the run of monitored systems.

We prefer on-premise solution. Is it available?


An on-premise solution is available, but we do not recommend it. You lose one of the great benefits of the system: shared global Knowledge Base of solutions. Your database will be discovering already discovered. Your IT specialists will have more work with identifying errors and managing them in the knowledge database. On top of that, the on-premise solution is and always will be more demanding to maintain, and is and will be significantly more expensive than our cloud service. For that reason, we do not actively offer on-premise solutions.

We are running a critical process on a non-commercial/custom system. Is it possible to monitor such system with Qeedio?


With Qeedio, you may monitor any system that provides or stores information about running the implemented functions and services. You may monitor your system with Qeedio Dataloader if it, for example, stores its operational data into the database, file, or makes them available through API. Operational data as function or process IDs with their run start times, and end times; information about the current state, and successful/unsuccessful termination. The only requirement is the creation of the necessary connector with which we will readily help you.

We use Zabbix to monitor vast IT infrastructure. How many licenses (Dataloaders) will be necessary?


For one installation of the Zabbix monitoring system, you only need one license (Dataloader). As a general rule, you have to purchase one license (Dataloader) per one data source (SQL Server, Information system, etc.).

We do not use PowerBI for data analyses. Is it possible to use a general analytics tool?


Yes, we have SQL Dataset and Rest API that are ready to be used with most commercial analytics tools. Besides PowerBI and traditional MS Excel, you can use SAP Analytics, Dundas BI, QlikView / QlikSense, Zoho, Tableau, and others.

How much do you charge for Qeedio?


The service is charged monthly, and we base the price on the number of monitored services (Dataloaders). Please contact us for an individual price offer.